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Light Us Light up Your Life

June 19th, 2017

Long-time SVP-supporter Traci celebrated her marriage this weekend, and making a special appearance was the Be-Boppin’ Groove Ball from the SVP Classic Stage Lights Collection. What wedding party or other event in your life  would truly be complete without that fun little light guy and some strobe lights? None! Contact us now to add a splash of light to your next special occasion. Click on Lighting and/or Contact for more information. Our prices and services are negotiable. Congratulations Traci!



Here it is, SVP-002

January 14th, 2009

At long last, SVP-002:


Get it HERE.

Weekend Double Header

January 8th, 2009

Save Vs. Poison starts the New Year right with a double shot of your baby’s love this weekend!

Friday night (Jan. 08)  The Flying Eyes headline the Recher Theatre in Baltimore (OK, Towson), and Save Vs. Poison will be providing our patented “off/on only” light show. That’s right: no dimmers, no bumps. You’re either with us or you’re against us. The Eyes play at 11pm, but there’s a bunch of other bands on the bill including Sonic Bloom. All Ages. Check it out! [SVP is strongly opposed to The Recher’s ‘no smoke machine’ policy (or as they say, “TURN OF THE DAMN HAZER”), but despite that we’re gonna show up to wreck some havoc and cheer on The Flying Eyes, who literally get better every time they play. Plus, strobes will be used during this performance. Many, many strobes.]

Saturday morning (Jan. 9)  we’re right back at it for the Chesapeake Climate Action’s annual Polar Bear plunge. See otherwise perfectly sane people jump into the frigid Chesapeake to raise awareness of global warming and to raise some necessary funds. There’s also a fashion show and music by Emma’s Revolution, an acoustic duo deemed “bold, profound, moving ,hilarious and transformative.” Mmmm, sounds good! The Polar Bear Plunge is in Annapolis, so that’s probably the first ever out of town event for Save Vs. Poison. “Today Harford Road, tomorrow the world!”

* Oh and also – Buy the Sit and Spin DVD! It’s AWESOME! *
2009’s gonna be just fine….
PS – Rumors abound of a Perverse Osmosis reunion at Nerd Fest III…

NERD FEST(in)3(D)!

December 6th, 2008

Save the Date: June 6th is the third annual Nerd Fest celebration. This year entirely in 3D! Details TBA….

Plus 3% more Liberal Arts!

Twin Peaks/Lynchfest 2009

December 6th, 2008

Save Vs. Poison and East Coast Bookhouse Boys presents:

Twin Peaks/Lynchfest 2009 – A Musical and Visiaul Tribute to David Lynch


Bene Gesserit Witch (A DUNE Rock Opera)

Chug-A-Lug-Donna (A Twin Peaks Soundtrack Supergroup)

Mark Ultra Plays the Leland Palmer Songbook

The John Merrick Experience


DJ Diane * The Log Lady * The Miss Twin Peaks Pageant * Costume Prizes * Coffee and Donuts * Owls * Pie * and MORE!

Saturday, 28 Feb. 2009 @ The Windup Space 12 W. North Ave. Baltimore, MD

9pm $5




Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Polar Bear Plunge

December 5th, 2008

Come support CCAN’s work at our 4th Annual Polar Bear Plunge on January 10, 2009.  This year, we’re expecting 100s of people to run, jump and dash into the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis.  It’s always a blast and the event raises crucial funds to keep us fighting for clean energy.  Go to www.keepwintercold.org to join the plunge or to donate to your favorite plunger. SVP will be providing audio.

We’re Still Here

November 22nd, 2008

Save vs. Poison may not be as omnipresent as we once were in Baltimore, but we’re still trying: Recently we had the honor of providing lighting at the long-anticipated Puddle CD release party (see pic below). Go see Puddle Saturday,Nov. 22nd at the Sidebar with The Headwoundz and Plastic Owl. Now, I’ve never heard this band Plastic Owl, but with a name like that it’s gota be good!

On December 18th The Flying Eyes will get the same SVP lighting treatment when they rock the Ottobar in Baltimore for the first time in their illustrious career. Check it out, and brace yourself for some eye and ear popping excitement!

Save vs. Poison will really be back with full-blown shows in 2009 including the 2nd (or 4th depending on how you count) annual Twin Peaks/David LynchFest, which has been moved back slightly to 2/28/09 at the Windup Space.   Also: NerdFest WILL be back for an unprecedented 3rd year in a row: 6/6/09 and also at the Wind-up Space.

Another cool thing you might wanna check out is the Gypsy Cab show at the Falafel House in Northeast Baltimore (directly behind the Hamilton Tavern right off Harford Rd.). On Saturday, December 13th they are having a bon-fire and free show featuring Bad LiquorPond, Wild Bonerz, and Barrage Band Orchestra – all of which are well worth seeing.

Finally, until we can figure out who gets the email when you click on “Contact Us,” if you want to contact Save vs. Poisons about renting out our PA system or lighting rig, both of which are available at very reasonable prices that in 30 years or so will pay back the initial costs of the equipment, please contact our Baltimore representative, Mark Ultra, directly via markpbc@gmail.com.

ALSO – Buy the Sit and Spin DVD! It’s AWESOME!


SVP Goin’ Rogue

November 6th, 2008

This past weekend Save Vs. Poison Productions followed through on a long dormant threat to start showing up at random shows and plugging in strobe lights. The first of what we hope will be many guerrilla lighting attacks occurred at the Windup Space in Baltimore while Bene Gesserit Witch and the Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad were playing. See the pic below for BGW in their full DUNE regalia (strobes not picture). Keep your eyes peeled for more of this questionable use of electricity resources in the Baltimore metropolitan area – and beyond!

And now- Two Important Pieces of News:

1. Save Vs. Poison will get back into the swing of things with the 2nd Annual (or more, depending on how you count) Twin Peaks / Lynchfest. This is going to me a massive, musical tribute to David Lynch jointly presented by SVP and the East Coast Bookhouse Boys. Performers include Bene Gesserit Witch, Chug A-Lug Donna (a Twin Peaks soundtrack supergroup), and an incredibly rare solo performance by SVP’s own Mark Ultra as he plays the Lelaland Palmer songbook. The show is Jan. 31, 2009 at the Windup Space (12 W. North Ave. in Baltimore) and the cost is only$5. Details to follow….

2. If you haven’t already done so please view the SIT AND SPIN DVD trailer (also see previous post). Then buy the DVD. You won’t be sorry! This is a shockingly professional looking production that exceeds the quality you have come to expect from SVP by leaps and bounds. Also, if millions of people buy this DVD we will be able to 1.) pay back the intial costs and 2.) launch campaigns of ridiculous musical etertainment all the way from K.C. to Vermont and everywhere in between!

Sit & Spin DVD!

October 25th, 2008

Save vs. Poison has helped produce a fun and informative film all about spinning art yarn. Plus, the soundtrack is performed “live” by the wildest buck in the Save vs. Poison stable, OFM. Check out the crazy trailer HERE. If you’re not interested, forward it to someone who is! http://www.insubordiknit.com

Manifest Density

September 18th, 2008

Namagomi BuildingWe’ve expanded our operation! You will notice from our banner that we now cover several regions: Our original home, Baltimore, of course; the lovely underground moleman village of Rutland, Vermont; the first town in the continental United States to be built (in 1809!) entirely on stilts, Grain Valley, Missouri; and our very own skyscraper suite on the 77th floor of the Namagomi Building in Tokyo (yep, we’ve got desks!).

Wish us well as we ride this soaring world economic trough into future millenia.

Thank you all,

The Management