Save vs. Poison Lighting Equipment Rental Information

SVP uses our in-house professional stage lighting system at most of our own musical and other performance events. It is also available for rental by the general public. Our current system includes:

  • 3 large PAR cans
  • 4 small PAR cans
  • Gel light covers in a wide variety of colors and shades
  • 2 Industrial Master Lights (Hollywood-style white flood lights for general lighting)
  • Stage Setter-8 8-Channel Dimmer Console & 3 Dimmer packs for variable & programmable lighting.
  • A multitude of necessary cords and wires

This adaptable and efficient system is available for only $100 an hour. This price includes set-up, operation, and take-down of the entire system. The lighting rig is flexible and can be used to light a stage or other performance area, small or large. The rig can provide colorful ambiance to any gathering or adequately light-up virtually any type of performance.

Additionally, SVP offers an intriguing array of special effects lighting. Here is where our true passion lies, and we are very proud of our enormous array of bright and variable strobes and other specialized lighting. Although we acquire new gizmos all the time to keep our rig fresh and always-changing for our performers, the current set up includes:

  • 12+ S-81 Mini Strobes
  • 2 Medium Strength Round Strobes
  • 4 Energy One 200W Strobes
  • 2 MegaFlash DMX Strobes (very bright and powerful strobes with variable controls)
  • 1 “Groove Wheel” (Shifting-Oil Projections)
  • 1 OmniSystem 900W Smoke Machine (Wireless or DMX Controlled)
  • 3 Multi-Directional/Multi-Colored “Be-Bopin’ Boogie” Disco Balls
  • 2 Long fluorescent-style Black Lights

The special effects rig is available independently for only $50 an hour. This price includes set-up, operation, and take-down of the entire system. This set-up is perfect for events like plays or theater performances, dances, haunted houses, performance art, or bands looking to give their audience an exciting multi-sensory experience.

The special effects rig can be combined with the full stage lighting system to provide a complete lighting experience. This combined system will make both the audience and performers elated with optimal lighting and effects. It’s a bargain at only $125 an hour rental price.

Please contact Save vs. Poison today to inquire about the availability of our lighting equipment. Our lighting engineers will be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate equipment to use for your event. You can either click on “Contact Us” or contact our
Baltimore representative directly by emailing:

View the following for just one example of our special effects show in action: