Yacht Crew Agreement Form

MLC requires strict records of documents related to crew management. YachtForms takes care of it for you. All documents are kept securely in your account as long as your account is active. In most cases, yachts that are not commercially operated have no legal obligation to have a written crew agreement. However, there is no doubt that it is advantageous to have such a document in order to avoid any uncertainty and to give both parties a clear understanding of what is expected in a long passage with the associated costs. Establish appropriate rules for the ship that are clearly visible to the crew assigned to each crew contract Amusement Ships as defined in the Merchant Shipping Convention (Maritime Labour Convention) (minimum requirements for seafarers, etc.) Although the 2014 Regulations do not fall under the requirement to have seafarers` employment contracts, they require crew arrangements if they are on voyages other than a coastal voyage for which more than 4 crew members receive a salary for their employment. Create as a separate document or automatically attach to each crew agreement The information and views contained in this document and in the attached document are not offered as legal advice, and Crewseekers makes no implied or other warranties as to the legality or suitability for the purposes of such information. The MLC requires that vessels have a distributed and easily accessible complaints procedure. YachtForm makes this easy by including it in every employment contract. You can also register complaints and distribute the records as a form to crew members. This will allow you to quickly get through the paperwork while maintaining excellent records.

Create a simple MLC-compliant maritime agreement and automatically attach additional documents Although letting go of a crew member is never a pleasant process, it is a period of time that requires careful documentation to protect the ship`s interests. The YachtForms workflow for creating the termination letter includes calculations for salary due, vacation, and repatriation. A crew contract is a contract of employment between the owners of a ship or yacht and its crew. Large companies are equipped with comprehensive HR services to handle onboarding, termination, and all the paperwork in between. As management and crew, we don`t have the same resources, but with increasing regulations like MLC, the requirements exceed many companies. YachtForms facilitates the maintenance of a regulatory complaint vessel. Fill out quick forms and the documents will be generated and sent to you by email. A crew contract can last up to 12 months.

After this period, a new agreement must be drawn up. Our workflows make it easy to create (and restore) documents. We use information from key documents and automatically create supporting documents. All this can be sent to the crew member in an appropriate email. Submit the agreement to the ship`s register in the ship`s “flag State” (the country where it is registered). Ask each crew member to sign the agreement when boarding the ship and at the end of the voyage. Most people on board a ship or yacht are required to sign the crew agreement. However, some employees have separate employment contracts and do not need to sign, such as: Contact MCA for advice on creating a crew agreement.

The admission of new crew members, especially for a longer passage, is likely to be made more harmonious if your arrangements are agreed in writing. Creating and organizing a new crew member`s documents is a daunting task. YachtForms makes your life easier with a simple workflow to create all the necessary documents for your crew member to board. Documents are emailed to the person you choose, and you can register at any time to easily refer to crew contracts (an MLC requirement). In the age of data breaches and ubiquitous social media, it is important to keep our customers` data private. YachtForms makes it easy to attach a confidentiality agreement to each employment contract without having to enter additional documents. This agreement should set out the skipper`s expectations regarding crew participation and a clear description of the financial arrangements on board. It should clarify that arrival at the intended destination cannot be guaranteed and should include an explanation of the agreement on the repatriation of the crew. Each party must ensure that it has the necessary insurance coverage. The skipper and crew must discuss this in advance and, once convinced, they must sign and keep a written copy of the terms and conditions. We are still in the process of adding new documents, but we welcome the recommendations. Please send info@yachtforms.com an email.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) provides guidance on the preparation of crew agreements for merchant ships and yachts: A sample of the yacht crew agreement is available for download. It`s not a fun task in managing a ship, but documenting the occurrence is now easy to send a copy (along with the official logbook if it`s a merchant ship) to a superintendent or appropriate officer within 3 days of expiration. We are testing the market for a highly compressible inflatable mudguard. Perfect for the cruiser that docks occasionally, the runner that travels and on weekends for shorter trips, it`s probably not necessary and a simple “you bring lunch and I deliver the boat” discussion will probably suffice. Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Phone: 0845 603 2431 Learn more about call charges For more details on these requirements, see Marine Guidance Note MGN 474 (M). By establishing clear guidelines for the ship`s operating rules, everyone is kept informed. YachtForms will guide you through many ways to structure your ship`s code of conduct. Once created, this document can be distributed with all newly created employment contracts. Making compliance with MLC complaint procedures a simple task, not a nightmare for red tape The Maritime Labour Convention requires that seafarers on board registered seagoing ships that normally engage in commercial activities have individual employment contracts for seafarers. .

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