Audio Equipment Rental Information


Save Vs. Poison Audio Equipment Rental Information


SVP uses our in-house PA system at most of our own musical and other performance events. It is also available for rental by the general public. Our current system includes:


* A B-52 Professional 700W speaker system consisting of two 10’’ speakers (300W each) and an active 15’’ subwoofer (400w). This PA is small and takes up minimal space at the performance venue, but it can be very loud and powerful without compromising clarity of sound.


* 2 Shure SM58 industry-standard microphones


* A Peavey 10 channel mixer


* Pro-line Microphone and Speaker stands


* A multitude of necessary cords and wires


This compact and effective system is available for only $100 an hour. This includes set-up, operation, and take-down of the entire system.  The PA is loud and clear enough to provide amplification for most bands in small-to-large size venues. It’s also perfect for large outdoor gatherings that require amplification for speakers or music. [If you are interested in having perfectly selected music at your event see SVP’s Custom Soundtrack service- available separately or in conjunction with the PA rental.]



Additionally, SVP offers a more compact audio system for small acoustic performances, Custom Soundtracks for small to medium size gatherings, or speakers at a small to medium size audience or room.  It’s perfect if you just need light background music added to your special event or if you need to amplify a speaker to a small group.


* Mackie SRM150 Speakers Monitors (300W)


The smaller monitor system is available for only $75 an hour. This includes set-up, operation, and take-down of the entire system.



The small system can be combined with the full PA system to provide individual monitors to performers. This combined system will make both the audience and performers elated with optimal sounds. It’s a bargain at only $150 an hour rental price.



Please contact Save Vs. Poison today to inquire about the availability of our audio equipment. Our sound engineers will be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate equipment to use for your event. Click on “Contact Us” or e-mail our Baltimore representative directly via