We’re Still Here

Save vs. Poison may not be as omnipresent as we once were in Baltimore, but we’re still trying: Recently we had the honor of providing lighting at the long-anticipated Puddle CD release party (see pic below). Go see Puddle Saturday,Nov. 22nd at the Sidebar with The Headwoundz and Plastic Owl. Now, I’ve never heard this band Plastic Owl, but with a name like that it’s gota be good!

On December 18th The Flying Eyes will get the same SVP lighting treatment when they rock the Ottobar in Baltimore for the first time in their illustrious career. Check it out, and brace yourself for some eye and ear popping excitement!

Save vs. Poison will really be back with full-blown shows in 2009 including the 2nd (or 4th depending on how you count) annual Twin Peaks/David LynchFest, which has been moved back slightly to 2/28/09 at the Windup Space.   Also: NerdFest WILL be back for an unprecedented 3rd year in a row: 6/6/09 and also at the Wind-up Space.

Another cool thing you might wanna check out is the Gypsy Cab show at the Falafel House in Northeast Baltimore (directly behind the Hamilton Tavern right off Harford Rd.). On Saturday, December 13th they are having a bon-fire and free show featuring Bad LiquorPond, Wild Bonerz, and Barrage Band Orchestra – all of which are well worth seeing.

Finally, until we can figure out who gets the email when you click on “Contact Us,” if you want to contact Save vs. Poisons about renting out our PA system or lighting rig, both of which are available at very reasonable prices that in 30 years or so will pay back the initial costs of the equipment, please contact our Baltimore representative, Mark Ultra, directly via markpbc@gmail.com.

ALSO – Buy the Sit and Spin DVD! It’s AWESOME!


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