Nerdfest 2008

Nerds rejoice: Save vs. Poison proudly presents Nerdfest 2008. Located at Load of Fun Studio, events start at 4:00 with Magic the Gathering and some old time Dungeons and Dragons. We will also have Atari 2600 on a giant projection screen, Sega Genesis [Sonic fans cheer], and probably some Nintendo. To help the brain, there will also be science experiments and math lecture by a real life mathematician. Bands get going around seven with local grind overlords Shit the Bed, Star Wars hardcore Sarlacc, Harry Potter noise Order of Merlin, a Dune mini-opera by Bene Gesserit Witch, and the AD&D thrash of Perverse Osmosis. We may also have a harpist if all goes as planned. Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks for all. Bring your dice, bring your deck, bring your test tube.

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