17 Session No Agreement on Destination Amadeus

I`ve had problems with my Amadeus WS Travel Build Whenever I`ve tried to make a reservation for the hotel, I keep getting this error, I`m also trying to use a similar template that you follow with zeep to access the Amadeus Soap API. I use the .wsdl package that Amadeus sent me and I get a 17| Session| No agreement on the target response when calling the SecurityAuthenticate function. Have you encountered similar problems? Thank you. Hello, `17 | | no agreement on the destination. Usually occurs because the message you want to call is not enabled on your WSDL. If you don`t get “no agreement on the destination,” the problem is probably in the WSDL configuration and not (yet) in the content of the message you`re sending. In the meantime, @henriqu3 I created my own Amadeus Web Service client that supports many more messages than this one. Maybe it can be useful for you too. See github.com/amabnl/amadeus-ws-client Okay, I think it will help me a lot. Man, thank you very much. Can I send you another question? Because Amadeus support is bad if you`re from Brazil. Sorry for my bad English. See you next time! You will then receive a WSDL file with all the messages you have requested there. If you need more additional messages later, you will need to request a new WSDL from Amadeus with the new messages.

When you try to call messages from Amadeus web services that you have not requested access to, you receive the “No destination agreement” error message. When you request access to Amadeus web services, you must tell Amadeus which messages you want to call. Another thing, this function is called after or in pnr_ recovered? — Reply directly to this email or watch it on GitHub. `public function pnrRetrieve($pnr_id) { $params = array(); $params[`PNR_Retrieve`][`retrievalFacts`][`retrieve`][`type`] = 2; $params[`PNR_Retrieve`][`retrievalFacts`][`reservationOrProfileIdentifier`][`reservation`][`controlNumber`] = $pnr_id; According to my records, this is the call you should send if you want to cancel the entire route on a PNR in the context:. WSAP = Web Service Access Point -> your personal access to Amadeus Web Services for the application you are developing. In your case, it would be 1ASIWIOPIEM. Of course, I understand you. But all help is help!!! Successfully merging a pull request can resolve this issue. Of course, you choose the OptionCode yourself, depending on what you want to do with the PNR in its context. . Did anyone have this problem and was able to solve it, I used the same URL for the travel construction for the plane and it works well, but when I send a request to create a reservation for the hotel, it keeps coming back wrong. Are you sure that you have enabled the PNR_Cancel message on the received WSAP? You can check if this message is in the WSDL file you received from Amadeus.

If you have not enabled the PNR_Cancel message in your WSDL, you can ask Amadeus to enable it, and then you will receive a new WSDL with this message – on your WSAP. Do you have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open a problem and contact managers and the community. Hey, can I ask how to set the username and password in the constants.py. . I understood it, but I think the way I call the pnr_cancel wrong? It is very difficult to talk to them. When I get home, I`ll check this on wsdl, but can`t I call pnr_cancel on wsdl? Another question may be, my permissions on the account can do it?. There may be other reasons for this mistake, I think you`d better contact your Amadeus support and ask them to investigate what you`re doing wrong. If you have applied to Amadeus for a project, you must have been designated as a contact person to assist you in development. You should be able to ask this question to your support contact.

Em 29 of Jan of 2016, at 17:30, Dieter D notifications@github.com escreveu: Omg, I don`t think anyone helped me. So, I call the pnr_cancel xsd in wsdl, but I don`t know the wspa file. . The problem is that I am trying to use pnr_cancel that needs a PNR that has been recovered. However, you receive the following error: This error message means that your access to the Web service is not configured to use this service. Either you need a new/updated WSDL, or something is not set up correctly at Amadeus for you to use this request. First, call PNR_Retrieve (and you use a code option that keeps the PNR open, such as. B.0), then call PNR_Cancel. `public function deletePnr($pnr) { $ws = new Client(DIR. DS. `..`. DS.

`wsdl`. DS. `1ASIWIOPIEM_PDT_20140828_132845.wsdl`, false);. . . .

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