The Lynch Who Stole Xmas


Save vs. Poison turns that holiday frown upside down by presenting The Lynch Who Stole Xmas party this Saturday night. That’s right, put on that Agent Cooper trenchcoat, wrap yourself in plastic, or rot some teeth out, and come down to the Hamilton Art Collective for one wacky celebration of all things Lynch.

Party starts at 8:00 with an hour’s worth of free PBR, in honor of Blue Velvet’s Frank. Music begins around 8:30 with the soothing sounds of the slow club (2/5th of GunWife Gone), followed by local insanity-provokers Puddle. Up next is the entity known as OFM, bringing their special blend of mind-bending psychotropic space rock. The evening’s entertainment ends with a Dune mini-opera by Bene Gesserit Witch: that’s right, a mini-rock opera about Dune.

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